E-commerce integration

Start accepting bitcoins on your e-commerce using ChainsidePay

Mobile POS in your physical store

Accept bitcoins in your store without having to purchase specialised hardware. ChainsidePay's mobile POS can be installed on any Adroid or iOS device

Coming Soon
Manage multiple POS

Create multiple POS for all your stores and manage them from a single dashboard

Admin dashboard

Manage all your POSs, companies and accounts from a single dashboard

Manage multiple companies

If you have more than one company you wish to sign up to ChainsidePay, you can manage all of them from a single dashboard

Payment history

Monitor all your past incoming transaction from your dashboard

Sandbox for developers

Test the integration with ChainsidePay on the sandbox platform to be sure that everything works as expected


Network forks protection

Stay safe from risks coming form network forks, reorgs and double spending attempts thanks to Chainside's proprietary blockchain monitoring system

Choose your exchange rate

You can choose your favourite Bitcoin exchange as a source of the exchange rate used in the payments

Customize transactions' speed and security

When creating a POS, choose how many network confirmation you wish to receive before considering a payment as final

Interoperability with multiple walleting software

Receive bitcoin on your favourite wallet. ChainsidePay is compatible with all the main Bitcoin wallets

Instant transactions within the Chainside network

Receive bitcoins instantly and securely without having to wait for the Bitcoin network confirmation when you get paid by another Chainside user

Coming Soon
Receive bitcoins on your off-line wallet

Receive bitcoin on your personal wallet even if it is not connected to the internet

Instant exchange

Have the bitcoins received instantly exchanged in euros and avoid any volatility risk

Coming Soon
Receive bitcoins without intermediaries

Receive bitcoins directly on your personal wallet without intermediaries

Ready to accept bitcoin?

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