What are the main advantages of Bitcoin?

No intermediaries: the main advantage of bitcoin is the absence of financial intermediaries. The Bitcoin network is purely peer-to-peer: funds are directly transferred from one user to the other, with no need for third parties or centralized servers. In this way, users have full control over their funds and the transactions they make.

24/7/365: it is possible to send and receive bitcoin everywhere in the world, at any time. There are no restrictions: no bank closing time, no bureaucracy, no borders.

Fast payments: Bitcoin payments are faster than traditional ones, as transactions are confirmed in about 10 minutes. This represent a particular advantage for international transfers, that usually take a couple of days and are subject to high commissions and dependent on the opening times of the institutional intermediaries that carry them out.

Security:  last but not least, Bitcoin offers a higher level of security compared to traditional payments. In fact, it is impossible to modify a Bitcoin transaction once it is included in the blockchain. This offers a guarantee against frauds or chargebacks.  Furthermore, the protocol minimizes the risk of identity theft and allows users to retain full control over your funds. Users can also decide to use other instruments to increase their security, such as the type of wallet to store their funds.